The Concept

Discovering Paris through scavenger hunts!

The QVP Paris treasure hunts allow you to discover known and unknown places in Paris while having fun. Divided into several teams, the participants will have to find the solution to enigmas, solve an investigation and go through different districts.

Several treasure hunts are currently on offer in Paris. Our treasure hunts are primarily intended for adult participants.

How it works

You can sign up for a scavenger hunt by Quiveutpister Paris only by making a booking through our website: book now!

On the day of departure, participants must arrive at the place and time indicated on the confirmation email. Please note that delays of more than 15 minutes will not be tolerated.

A briefcase, consisting of a road book and various accessories, will be given to each team for the duration of the game. The departure will then be given and the teams will try to reach the place of arrival as quickly as possible while solving the questions present along the course.

A telephone number is available in each road book in case the teams get lost or stuck in the game.

At the place of arrival, a ranking is made according to the answers to the questions, the resolution of the investigation and the time of course. A prize is offered to the best ranked team.

Signing up

You can only sign up for a scavenger hunt by Quiveutpister Paris via booking.

To sign up for a scavenger hunt, consult the Booking page, select your session and book your tickets online.

Registration can be done alone or in groups. If the participant registers alone or in pairs, he/she will have the opportunity to share this experience with other participants.

Teams are ideally made up of 4 to 6 participants so that the dynamics of the game can be created more easily within the game and the team. However, it is possible to form teams of more or less participants.

Participation in the scavenger hunts implies full acceptance of our General Conditions of Sale, which can be consulted by clicking here. The participant acknowledges that he/she is aware of these conditions prior to his/her booking request.


Discover Paris
Discover the city through its famous and secret places. The historical and tourist information provided during the game allows you to discover places and anecdotes that make Paris famous!

Strengthening the links
Through the sharing of skills, links will be created and may develop into real friendships. The time of the game allows for beautiful encounters between each of the participants to forge or strengthen ties.

Have fun and enjoy yourself!
You’ll need to have a flair for finding the solution to our riddles, insight to lead the investigation and subtlety to outwit the other teams. Our treasure hunts will make your afternoons unforgettable!

Our rates

Public scavenger hunt

In a public scavenger hunt, you compete against other participants who are not part of your group.

Public scavenger hunts take place every Saturday and Sunday from March to December, at a fixed time and based on an imposed scenario.

Fee for participation in a public scavenger hunt: 15€ or 12.5€ for under 25s.

Privatised scavenger hunt

It is possible to privatise a scavenger hunt upon request.

You can choose the game, the time and the date according to availability.

During a privatised scavenger hunt, your group will be alone on the game and any outsiders to your group cannot participate in your event.

The privatisation cost involves a flat rate (including rental of the equipment, a facilitator and prize for the best team) + 15€ per participant.


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