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Quiveutpister offers
two types of scavenger hunts:

Public scavenger hunt

In a public scavenger hunt, you compete against other participants who are not part of your group. Public scavenger hunts take place every Saturday and Sunday from March to December, at a fixed time and based on an imposed scenario.

Price of participation in a public treasure hunt: 16€ or 13.5€ for under 25s.

Privatised scavenger hunt

It is possible to privatise a scavenger hunt upon request.

During a privatised scavenger hunt, your group will be alone on the game and any outsiders to your group cannot participate in your event.

During a privatized treasure hunt, you can choose the game, the time and the date according to availability.

The cost of a privatization consists of a fixed price that varies according to the desired time slot (including equipment rental, host, prize for the best team) + 16€ or 13.5€ for under-25s.

Feel free to contact us for further details. See you soon to track Paris!


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