Le serment des Parisii

The Pavillon de l’Arsenal X Quiveutpister

With your family or friends, Le serment des Parisii scavenger hunt takes you behind the scenes of the capital and guides you through a fascinating investigation to discover the Marais, the Ile Saint-Louis and the Ile de la Cité. Your sense of observation and your memory will help you in this architectural and urban adventure, the aim of which is to become a member of the Parisii, a secret society that traces the history of Paris and raises awareness of the capital’s evolution.

And today, the Parisii are recruiting! They know that among the lovers of Paris are hidden rare pearls, who will know how to overcome the stages of their initiatory journey. Becoming a Parisii is not a simple task. It requires observation, wit, and memory to reach the Ultimate Test. Do you feel you can do it?

So come to the Pavillon de l’Arsenal to take up the challenge!

An investigation in the cradle of Paris

Le Serment des Parisii is Quiveutpister’s new scavenger hunt, created in collaboration with the Pavillon de l’Arsenal, Paris’ urban planning and architecture centre. In a journey worthy of the best treasure hunts, you will discover the emblematic and unusual places of the Marais, the Île de la Citée and the Île Saint-Louis.

A real dive into the architecture of Paris, this game will lead you to collect clues thanks to your sense of observation and deduction. Because understanding the codes of this secret group will require all your thought.

If you like mysteries like the Da Vinci Code, outdoor escape games, unusual walks, or simply good times with family or friends, this game is for you!

Ready to track Paris with the Pavillon de l’Arsenal?

To participate, it’s very simple. Go to the Pavillon de l’Arsenal website to book your session, pick up your investigator’s kit and start your adventure.

On the Pavillon de l’Arsenal website

From 12 years old
From 1 to 6 players per session

15 € per session

Tuesday to Friday from 2pm to 5pm
Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 5pm

Address of the Pavillon de l’Arsenal: 21 Boulevard Morland, 75004 Paris
For more information: info@pavillon-arsenal.com


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